Sirma Conservation Space

A web-based document and process management system developed specifically for the needs of conservation experts and conservation departments at galleries and museums. The commercially supported cloud version of ConservationSpace, developed with the National Gallery of Art (USA) supported by the Mellon Foundation. Now available for implementation, customization and integration. 

Mirador Image Viewing Platform

Open-source, web based, multi-window image viewing platform with the ability to zoom, display, compare and annotate images from around the world.

Sirma Go Digital

Coming soon. Document digitization service and cloud document management environment with text analytics for automated classification and data extraction. Designed for GLAM administration departments and for digitizing document archives.

Sirma Complete Cloud

Coming soon. Infrastructure-as-a-Service that delivers everything you need from IT – workstations, internet, storage – fully secured and supported 24/7 while freeing your organization from the endless burden of capital investment, maintenance and keeping up-to-date.  Designed for small to medium organizations that want to focus on their mission, not on IT issues.